Anatomy of an Angry Logo

  Logos! We have logos thrown at us daily, whether while scrolling through our phones or from the grills of cars passing us by on the street. Logos and brand names are everywhere! So when it came to creating a logo for my first comic book, I'll be honest I didn't give it that much thought. I asked the artist working on the Angry Squad to whip something up that looked semi-cool, and the rest would be ok. It wasn't until I sat down and looked over a bunch of comics that I realized a comic book logo is an integral part of your comic book brand. It's the thing that makes it recognizable and attracts or provides association to the audience/consumer. For example, we immediately know what the Ford Motor Car Company logo feels and looks like or what the Apple computer logo looks like without much thought. When we see these logos, we know what car to expect and what type of computer or quality of smart device will be available. The comic book logo is your story, character and wo